Award-winning actor Linda Kash takes on renowned sex therapist Ruth Westheimer in the one-woman show Becoming Dr. Ruth,the latest offering from the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company.

Prior to her career as a sex therapist, Westheimer, then Karola Ruth Siegel, fled Germany in the Kindertransport, then became a sniper in Israel’s War of Independence, before landing on America’s shores, where she raised her family as a single mother.

Kash, who many may remember as the angel in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese TV commercials, has done one-woman shows before but never one like this.

“She’s such an iconic character with such a specific sound and impact. The more work I do on her, the more I admire her, and I just can’t believe I get to play this role.”

“I have had life-altering experiences in my life and I try to keep positive,” said Kash, who lost her husband, Paul Sullivan, in a car crash. “But this woman has been through the most intense history at such an early age and she continues to move forward and to be brave.”

Although Kash can do a spot-on impersonation of Westheimer, she plans to focus more on Dr. Ruth’s spirit.