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Stuart Laughton scours the radio waves for interesting music, and wanted to bring a similarly eclectic presentation to the stage (think Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, with the speaking and musical proportions reversed). It helps that he sings and plays a dozen instruments, and that he injects his contagious enthusiasm into a kaleidoscopic amalgam of 1920’s Broadway, country blues and 60’s pop instrumental hits, B.B. King guitar, Boogie Woogie piano and Chet Baker’s jazz trumpet, country, Celtic, rockabilly and his own songs about Canada.

RADIO DIAL features some or all of the following:

Burke Carroll (Murray McLaughlan/Justin Rutledge) – pedal steel guitar and Dobro
Rebecca Campbell (Jane Siberry, Fat Man Waving, Porkbelly Futures) vocals, percussion and accordion
Steve Lucas (Bruce Cockburn/guest with Levon Helm Band in Woodstock) – Bass
Martin Worthy (Porkbelly Futures/Joe Hall) – Drums
Jim Clayton (Clayton – Scott Group/Second City) – Piano